Woman finds out her husband planned with doctor to hide his infertility from her

Woman finds out her husband planned with doctor to hide his infertility from her

A woman struggling to conceive with her husband has reportedly learnt that he was infertile but kept it a secret.

The story was reshared by an On Air Personality who narrated how the woman discovered her husband made an arrangement with their doctor to deceive her.

She came across a chat where the medicl doctor was telling her partner to confess to his wife that he is incapable of impregnating her.

To the wife’s utmost shock, her husband was laughing in the chat when he was adviced to tell her the truth. He was said to have loved his wife too much which was why he kept the truth hidden from her.

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The post reads; ”Last night, a friend narrated a story she read on IG.. This man was infertile and planned with his doctor friend to deceive his wife..

His wife came across a chat between him and his friend (doctor), where the doctor friend was telling him to come clean but Bobo was laughing

He claimed to love his wife too much and didn’t want to lose her.. ”

I think we focus on cheating so much that we downplay other wicked acts that happen in marriage. Why the hell will a man know that he’s infertile and hide it? Even the ones that hide erectile dysfunction under the guise of “let’s wait for marriage”.

I swear, you will get dumped if you try it with the wrong person.. A certain church wanted to start fertility tests for intending couples, there was public outrage.

Why the hell do Men & Women, hide these things? You lure someone into a sham called marriage then cry for them to stay, after you are caught.. Some people were saying she can adopt and be a mother that way

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Nobody is thinking of the pain, deceit & betrayal she’s dealing with. Adoption isn’t a bad thing & it isn’t something you throw at anybody.. You don’t take away someone’s power to decide,then expect them to accept your compensation ..

Some people will stay but they’ll deal with you mercilessly. Others will leave you to wallow in your world of deceit. STOP DECEIVING PEOPLE.. ”

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