5 Best Ways to get into the Entertainment Industry

In a world where celebrity gossip and daily entertainment news is becoming more accessible, having the lifestyle to match it is becoming ever more desirable. From actors to producers, there inside a range of both on-screen and behind-the-screens roles available in entertainment.

Some of these you may not even have thought to consider, but which could open the doors into the glitzy world of entertainment for you. If you have been reading the articles on this website, and sorely want to make it into the entertainment industry, here are some top tips to get you started.


The first step to entering the entertainment industry is to network as much as possible. By making contacts in the entertainment industry, you will be able to make your name and work known. Additionally, networking means that you will be able to seek advice from those who have already made it into the industry. You will also be able to understand entertainment better as an industry, rather than just seeing it as a flashy awards ceremony.

To find networking opportunities, you should research online for professional networking bodies that hold events in your area. You should also connect with friends and relatives who may know people with inside knowledge of the industry. Another option is to discuss your search with university alumni networks and even your old lecturers and teachers.

Administrative Duties

Entertainment is not just about acting and directing. There are an array of different duties which go into making a film or piece of theatre. To get a foot in the door of the entertainment industry, you should also look out for entry-level jobs. Through these, you can make a good impression to get promoted.

You should look for jobs with administrative duties such as assistants and business administrators. These will help you to understand the industry and how it runs from the inside. You will also gain knowledge of how hiring works and the different roles that are available in entertainment. These will help you to learn the relevant information and skills that are needed for jobs with more responsibility, such as producing. Additionally, having a desk job in entertainment will allow you to be surrounded by the entertainment industry that you love, even if you struggle to find a job as an actor or director.


No one was lying when they said that education opens doors. Getting the right degree or diploma is beneficial to secure the jobs that you desire and prove your knowledge of certain skills and industries. Before entering the entertainment industry, you should consider if any educational courses may help you to achieve your goals and teach you the skills that you need to succeed. However, these degrees do not always have to be dance and drama. For instance, business administration degrees give you the skills to manage money and staff, a good hand with public relations, and may help your advertising skills. These are all key components of the entertainment industry and the companies that run them.

If you cannot take a few years out of your life to work towards a degree, there are many different options available. One of these is the experience of learning online, with benefits ranging from being able to work around your studies and being able to learn and be examined from anywhere. James Cook University offers an online learning experience in business administration that gives you access to all the digital facilities you will need to make your career a success.


To gain the experience necessary to enter the entertainment industry, you should attempt to secure internships in your chosen field. Many large entertainment production companies offer these widely and advertise these on their websites and university databases. If you are looking for an internship with a smaller production company, you may need to contact them first through email correspondence. By securing the right internship, you can gain knowledge of what your chosen field includes and whether it is something that you would like to do as a career. Internships will also show that you have learned the skills necessary and will show employers that you have first-hand experience in the industry. Internships will also allow you to make contacts that may lead to career and networking opportunities in the future.


To get into the entertainment industry, you must be confident with self-promotion as this will allow you to build up contacts and get noticed. You should set up social media accounts to showcase your skills if you have expertise in film, production, or even acting. You should also consider setting up a blog that can detail your thoughts on the industry and showcase your in-depth knowledge of certain careers. These are handy platforms to promote yourself as these can act as digital portfolios whereby potential employers can find you. You should also be unafraid to contact potential employers and companies and ask for any job opportunities, internships, or even questions that you may have. Putting yourself out there will show your initiative and employers are much more likely to contact you if you make the first move.

Setting up Your Own Company

If you believe that you have the skills to set up your own production company, then this may be the best way to get into the entertainment industry you. By setting up an independent production company, you can be your boss and establish your own rules. Although this may be difficult, you will have to put a lot of work into advertising and promotion to make it work. However, by setting up your own production company, you will instantly be making your way into the film industry in a satisfying role. If successful, this can be the best way to follow your route and instantly take on the exciting responsibilities of showbiz.

By climbing the ladder, there are many ways to get into the entertainment industry. Entertainment is not just acting, and by opening your scope up to other roles and responsibilities, you will soon find that your dream job can be achievable.

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