Music Ministry: Things You Should Know As a Music minstrel (consider this 3)

Things you should know as a music minstrel


*INTRODUCTION:-* A good combination and outcome of these 3 elements in Worship Music is Excellence!

People tends to make sure they begin operating in that top dreamed level in whatever field they’re into but in one way or the other, trying to skip the “Processing Stage.”

HiA lots of Singers and Instrumentalists have someone they follow or look up to as their mentor in becoming a better person, but when that Mentor tries to show/share with them the process on how they get to that top stage, which commonly the route might look slow, rough and bad, the Followers tends to ignore and skip the process stage probably because of the time Factor of getting it done, huge price of sacrifices, risks and lot more…..

But the truth is, “A Price has to be Paid!

Things you should know as a music minstrel
Church A, whereby their Music Team (Singers and Instrumentalists/Musicians) spend hours in days, weeks…. in planning, rehearsing, praying and preparing for one of the church major events, their result will be widely different and not to compare with Church B that just spent 2 Saturdays in preparing for the same program. There will be difference of course because Church A spends more time in the “Processing Stage” than Church B.

But the truth is; “No amount of time spent on becoming a better person on yourself can resolve to a waste of time!”

Things you should know as a music minstrel

It is high time Singers look and act beyond just pouring down the list of songs they have crammed in their head on the stage and then leave just like that! A Praise Team member who has been appointed to lead the Service Congregational Praise and Worship but fails to spend time in the “Processing Stage” (Praying, Planning, Preparing) for that Session should not be expecting the real move because truly “If you fail to plan/prepare, then you’ve planned/prepared to fail!” No two ways about it! ??????

Things you should know as a music minstrel

Also A Musician or an Instrumentalist who just feel his role in Worship is just to play his Instrument to accompany the Singer who has spent time in the presence of God in her secrete Place praying for that few minutes session. Do you know such Musician/Instrumentalist can end up not making known the mind of God to the Congregation? Contamination! ???

Things you should know as a music minstrel

I remember 2 Top Gospel Musicians sharing their Music Experience and on how their Pastor had to tell them “you are out of track!” in terms of Delivering the Spiritual. Musically, these guys are GOOD, but spiritually then, they were missing out some things….

But the truth is:- Musicians/Instrumentalists, you can’t be Outside Worship o!
Also Singers too, you can’t take people (your congregations) to a place you’ve not been to.

A Praise/Worship Leader who has not been to that Presence in his/her secret place, how do you now take the whole Congregation there?

Things you should know as a music minstrel

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✓ As a Singer, how do you approach songs?
✓ How intact is your relationship with your Caller?
✓ Pastor Nathaniel Bassey said something; “You don’t get on stage to Worship. You continue worshipping on Stage!” So your worship must have started from your secret place. ??
✓ You need to know that what you do is Spiritual, so you have to be Spiritual!
✓ We have a lot of Worshippers but deeply God is seeking for who will Worship him in Spirit first followed by Truth! (John 4:23-24) 

Things You Should Know As a Music minstrel

✓ How do you approach songs too?
✓ Musicians/Instrumentalists, do you know you’re also leading alongside with the Singer? Don’t just play like you’re doing the Singer a Favour! If you’re not a Worshipper, then how do we now feel Worship from what you’re playing? ?
✓ A Pianist can’t be a distraction in Worship if he himself is a Worshipper! ??
✓ Musicians, it is not your beats, chords, scales, phrase, etc that makes Worship interesting o. It is YOU! “It is your Deep that calls unto Deep.” Your Chops call to your fellow Drummer, but your Spiritual life calls to the people you’re sent to.
✓ Your Instrument is just a Channel of Worship. You yourself, you’re the Worship! That’s why Minister Dunsin Oyekan said; “Receive this Living Sacrifice, I AM your Worship…..” If you don’t present yourself, then there is no Worship! ??
✓ You need to know that what you do is Spiritual, so you have to be Spiritual! ??

Things you should know as a music minstrel

Now when it comes to Things you should know as a music minstrel , A lot of people can Sing and Play, but when it comes to Worship, I feel Worship is an interaction with the Spirit (audience of one).

Jesus is the Way (Spiritual), the truth (your skill; vocal/Instrument) and the life (your delivery).
Can people connect with what and the way you sing and play?

Finally, there is a place we ought to know and be as a Singer and Musicians/Instrumentalists, before carrying the whole congregation there….


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