Music Business: The 7 Qualities Of a music band leader

The 7 Qualities Of a music band leader

1. 2side coin: Be playful and serious. Don’t be the bossy leader, do this, do that hey you come up here, take this mic… Oh please!!!! Once in a while play with your members let them enjoy that sweet part of you also..

Create jokes, put on a smiling face and so on..
But don’t forget the serious face as well don’t get to close hence you lose your track and controlling them becomes a big problem for you.

2. Be humble: being a leader is a call to serve, are you ready to serve? If no then forget about it..

3. A listener than a talker; a leader should be ready to listen more to his members than just airy his or her own ideas..
You can’t see everything all by yourself that’s why you need them at your back to see the insect crawling on your body hence your eyes can’t access all part of your body.
Always ask your members what do you think about this? Please tell me and you see them bring up ideas even better than the one you created in your head, an adage says “One tree can’t make a forest” so we need each other to grow bigger and better.

The 7 Qualities Of a music band leader

The 7 Qualities Of a music band leader

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4. Side hustle: every band leader shouldn’t be a dependant, you need a side hustle to sustain your band, instead of waiting on your members before carrying out things.

5. Consistent: what keeps a man going in any field is consistency, remember being a leader calls for more than the fame but also the plight..
There will be sun and rainfall have this in mind.
So keep pushing, no matter what happens.

6. Be socially engaged: join their social media platforms for your band, do quality videos about your works and post them online.

7. Farewell: always check up on your members, their wellbeing and so on..
Check if they are in good state.. Emotionally and other wise.
Their wellbeing is the wellbeing of the band .
You don’t expect someone who is emotionally down to perform well so keep on touch time to time.

Written by: Preshkeyz (The Music Journalist)

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