The 5 Attributes Of A Good Music Band Leader One Should Put in Consideration while building a music band.

The 5 Attributes Of A Good Music band leader one should consider, before building a music band leader.

Over the years I’ve been in relationship with a lot of music bands both local and international ones, I’ve joined online music bands where we go live and everyone picks up their instruments and do one or two flows.Some people comes up to meet me and say “Mehn Presh you are good to go why not own your personal music band?” This question always put smiles on my face and I sit them down to clarify something owning or shipping a music band is beyond the Fame of being called a “Music Band leader” it requires a lot which I will explain in this post.Someone said you are running from the responsibility hahaha.. Not really but I don’t want an instable music band that won’t last a taste of time.Most music bands rises up pim pim you see them on a high speed but suddenly it crashes so bad and never to rise woop!!!

The 5 attributes of a good music band leader are as follow! (Factors you need to consider before starting a music group)

  • 1. Choice of music: what kind of music do you intend making?
    Is it Gospel, secular, country what have you..
    Let me use the word GENRE this needs to be considered so you won’t be all over the place.
    Every band needs STRUCTURE cause a band without structure is like a ship without a sailor you know what that means.
    Sit down and think things through
    Okay I want my band to make pure gospel music with no strings attached here you have a target then you gradually start working towards it.
  • 2. Targeted members: definitely your choice of music determines the kind of members you will entertain in life we all like different things I might like what you like and might dislike what you like.
  • So… If you call your band a GOSPEL BAND you will only get likes of the gospel music hearts. If you do secular you get the likes of the open world hearts.
    There is no magic in this what you sell determines your kind of customers its a sure banker.
    That’s why you need to put all these in place before organizing a music band don’t just sleep and wake up one morning I need a music band without making adequate preparation about it.
  • 3. Location: it pays a huge role in the stability and growth of your music band.
    Location of have to do with where you all meet up for rehearsals, meetings etc..
    One thing that do discourage members is LOCATION if they find it unbalance you might lose them.
    Imaging spending a lot on transport fare before getting to rehearsals some will think of the money and just sit back home, also traffic if the location is a something they have to always face traffic and all that the memory of sitting for hours in a taxi, car, bus etc its not encouraging..
    Next thing you hear them say “I can’t meet up today, I will come to next rehearsals..” And from there you are gradually losing members, so you need to be very sure and wise in your selection don’t just select a location because it favours you most try to consider your members.
  • 4. Time: over the year this time factor pieces me off with some band leaders and I be like wow!!!
    You need to set a time that will Favour everyone not just you and a set of people.
    There can be a vote:
    Okay, we are having rehearsals on Wednesday what time should we pick? And let the member do the picking..
    Group A: 4:00pm is fine
    Group B: 5:00pm is fine
    Okay check the majority is Group A higher than Group B if no then go for Group B in this journey you have to be wise and calculative its really important.
  • 5. Don’t be too taxy: yes your music band shouldn’t always be about “we need fund, we need fund…”
  • When all you do is tax your members you will lose them in no time..
    Am nothing saying don’t bill but mind the way you do remember its your dream not theirs they are only helping you out so don’t place load on them to the extent they can’t breathe
    You are the captain so make sure you have what it takes to build up this band, physically, mentally, financially and what have you..
    If am to come to your band and you tax me today maybe N2000 (Nigeria currency) next week same thing, upper week same thing honestly I will get tired.
    What if am not havin money on me this week and am asked? I won’t want to entertain any form of financial disgrace so I will calmly skip and skip the rehearsal pending till when am balance again.
    So everything needs calculation instead of excessive taxing you can have a box for the band every month we need this from each members to buy one or two items for the group.
    In all your doings be wise.

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