Music Business: 5 Best Social Media Music Marketing That One Should Consider

Social media music marketing is a great tool for boosting ones music career in this season…
But learning to make use of it effectively is the major thing you should focus on as a fast rising musician.
Social media is not all about getting likes for your band or blog.
If you’ve been successful on building an engaging social media platform, then you should learn to make use of it as an ENGAGEMENT TOOLS FOR YOUR ART.

[Music Business] Social Media Music Marketing

  1. When I say promotional, post content that have the ability to promote your personal self and your art.
  2. Post impactful content, that will add value to your target audience.
  3. Post regular engaging content, to keep your target audience once you got them.

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Note: if all your content is just all about promotion and teachings, your Audience would get tired of you and your service.

The Best Way of Handling This is to draft out plans on…

  1. What to post have to do with what contents are all your post about, remember your audience will only be attracted by through the quantity and quality of your post.
    And Its not just by attracting them, but the ability to keep them.
    If your fans, followers etc gets bored of your posts, definitely they won’t bother checking up for updates on your plartform.
  2. When to post: you should have time of when to post, e.g Maybe Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays..
    Your fans would be aware of this and will always want to check up on you to get details..
    We are moving into a section whereby people don’t care about your article alone but want to get engaged in your lifestyle so as a musician put this in mind.
  3. Where to post: we all have our power point, and note not all social handles works for all..
    Especially if you are just starting and trying to build up fans.
    You can select at least 2 or 3 social handles first .
    Facebook ( mostly used by all and it is cheaper I must confess so it gets more audience both the data users and free mode can have access to.
    Also choose 2 other platforms as time goes on you can spread out and use as many social handles as you like.
  4. Whom the posts are meant for: also known as your targeted audience
    Every reasonable person should note this and it will give you insight on what and what you should post time to time..
    I guess this should be the 1st (W) cause without the audience there is nothing.
  • Lets talk about how to sustain your fans..
    As I said earlier its not enough to gather fans but ability to keep them.
  1. Quality Content (write up, audio, videos etc.

A friend once called me few months back and said he wanted to release a couple of songs at a particular studio..
About 7songs at once and each would be produced 3,500 I was like you don’t mean it 3,500 that’s quite cheap but will this amount give you something good? Its not about having 100songs but the production matters ..
Its not about having 40 or more videos on YouTube but the quality matters.
Instead of spending 3500 per on one million songs why not invest reasonable amount of money on just 1 song? Get a good studio, a good producer and so on.
After doing this..

  1. Promotion matters a lot
    I do tell people its better you spend more money on promotion cause without promotion your work will end up within you and your family circle it won’t pass beyond this limit.
    So as you are working on your art, work more on promotion get your songs on all platforms your hands and pocket can reach.
    Written By: Preshkeyz (Music Journalist)

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