Tricks On How to Download Free Music from Youtube Consider this 4 out of Many

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How to Download Free Music from Youtube

Whether you’re a music lover who spends every day searching for new music, or you have a penchant for uploading your own creations to YouTube, it can be a struggle to find the music that you want – and especially when it comes to free music. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 5 sites that let you download free mp3s from youtube! There are hundreds of websites offering free music downloads, and there are just as many claiming to be the best (no pun intended). We’ve tested each of these free mp3 sites ourselves and have compiled a list for you below that we think is worth checking out.

You don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet looking for new songs, download them in a matter of seconds from one site! by following How to Download Free Music from Youtube

Steps before downloading from youtube

-This blog will require the use of a third-party application called youtube-dl.
-Type youtube-dl -h in your terminal or command prompt to find out more information on how to use it.
-If this is not possible, there is also an option to download music with Chrome and Firefox extensions.

How to download free music from youtube

There are a few ways to download free music from Youtube. The easiest way is to use the Youtube-mp3 converter. This website has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to convert videos in just a few clicks. Just copy and paste the address of the video in the designated field, press enter, and then wait for your desired file to download.
Paragraph: The other way is by using an extension for your browser. The Youtube Downloader plugin takes up little space on your computer and works quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is open Chrome or any other browser, go to youtube (or whichever site your particular extension is compatible with), find the song you want, click on it, and download!

Websites on How to Download Free Music from Youtube

If you want to download music from Youtube, you can use the websites or They allow you to download songs of the quality you prefer, and they don’t ask for any personal information before downloading a song.

Tips on How to Download Free Music from Youtube

1. Find a song on YouTube that you want to download, and copy the URL
2. Install Tube Catcher from
3. Click the Paste URL button, and paste the Youtube song URL in the pop-up window
4. Click the Download button to start download

You can any other tricks you know, that isn’t present here in the comment section below

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