Apply For The UN 61st Graduate Study Programme Worldwide 2023.

The 61st Graduate Study Programme for Graduates Worldwide will take place in 2023.
The jubilee 61st Graduate Study Programme will include group projects, visits to institutions, and lectures by experts from the UN, other non-governmental organizations, and other international organizations.

A summary of some of the major issues covered by “International Geneva,” such as sustainable development, humanitarian action, disarmament, peace and security, trade, climate change, health, gender equality, education, refugees and migrants, will be given during the first week of the program. As part of a year-long project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the focus will shift to human rights in the second week (UDHR).

Objectives and Advantages of the 61st Graduate Study Program

The Graduate Study Program is free to participate in. Please keep in mind, however, that the UN does not contribute financially to participant expenses for their travel, meals, or lodging. Grants may be provided by governments, colleges, private organizations, businesses, or charity to chosen applicants.

61st Graduate Study Program Requirements Qualification

It’s essential to speak and write English well. Knowledge of French is also advised because certain conversations may be held in that language.
The age range for applicants must be between 22 and 32 at the time of application.
At the time of application, candidates must be enrolled in a master’s, postgraduate, or doctoral program. An enrollment verification will be needed.
Those who are full-time employees already are not qualified to apply.
The Graduate Study Programme is not open to applicants who have previously taken part in it.

Date, Procedure, and Location of 61st Graduate Study Program Interviews

The following standards serve as a guide for the selection committee:
Academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, geographic and gender balance, proficiency in the two program working languages (English and French), and the program’s value to the applicant’s career are all important factors.

Applicants who have already taken part in earlier iterations of the Graduate Study Programme will not be taken into consideration by the Committee in order to allow the greatest number of students the opportunity to engage in the Programme.

Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. The selection committee keeps its decision-making process a secret. The Selection Committee’s decisions are final and cannot be challenged.

Application-Required Documents

The following documents must be sent with the completed application form found on our website: a copy of the applicant’s passport; an English- or French-language letter of endorsement from a school or government agency;
a certification indicating current enrollment (at the time of application) in a doctoral, postgraduate, or master’s program;
a curriculum vitae and copies of prior university certificates;
a succinct letter of inspiration (300 words maximum).

Application Deadline

March 3, 2022

HOW TO APPLY; Visit UN Website

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