Dell Computers: Save hundreds on your next Dell purchase – 7 Amazing secrets revealed

Getting ready to buy Dell computers? Before you do so, you had better read the following tips, because they can save you big on your next computer purchase. Before you get started, I would like to give you some background on Dell and its marketing/pricing strategy. Dell Computers is the largest manufacturer and retailer of computers in the world. They have about a 15% market share of all computers sold in America. Because Dell computers only build a computer when it is sold, it enables Dell to keep very low inventories, and therefore, a very low price. Moreover, you can only buy Dell computers at Dell. They have no retail presence. No middlemen!

Dell utilizes many channels of advertising to get the word out about its low prices. You have probably seen their ads on TV or their full-page print ads in the newspaper. You may have even received a Dell catalog if you have purchased from them before. What you probably haven’t noticed is that the price of these seemingly equivalent systems varies greatly depending on where you saw the ad. This is the very first lesson on being “Dell smart.” Dell is NOT transparent in its system pricing. This means, depending on where you learned about the computer deal can greatly impact the price you pay.

Okay, so if Dell does not consistently price computer system ads, where should you go to get the best deal? That’s simple — the Internet. And by Internet, I do not mean going straight to! To become “Dell smart,” you need to choose Dell computers that are right for you, one that suits your needs. Computer shoppers often overspend on options they will never use. Go to your favorite search engine and look for a buying guide. After you narrow your search, go back to your search engine (I use Google) and enter “model name + review.” Read a few independent reviews about the model you’ve selected and find out what other people are saying. What are the system’s pros and cons?

Now that you know what you are looking for, let the real money-saving begin! Go back to your favorite search engine and enter the words “Dell Coupon Codes.” What you should get in return is a list of Dell affiliate websites that supply FREE coupons from Dell. These coupons are not advertised, as Dell tries to keep these for the savviest shoppers. More often than not, Dell has a $750 off coupon that can be applied at checkout allowing you to save big! Sometimes, these coupons can even be stacked, meaning you can apply more than one coupon towards your purchase, or they can be used in combination with rebates or other instant savings. Check several coupon sites until you find a coupon that works for your model. Make sure you read the fine print and verify that the coupon is not expired. Some coupon sites give step-by-step instructions on applying coupons so make sure to do your research!

Once you have found the relevant coupons for the system you want to buy, you are ready to go to Dell to make your purchase. Purchasing dell computers from Dell requires that you go through several pages of options and add-ons. This is where buyers typically get bogged down as they are overwhelmed by several options and upgrades. Be sure to use the buying guides you came across to identify which features and upgrades are right for you. And be aware that you can often down-grade from many of the default Dell options. For example, Windows Media Center and Windows XP Pro are practically the same operating system. However, Dell sometimes defaults to XP Pro in their options which costs significantly more than Media Center. So, downgrade whenever it makes sense for you and your needs. Once you have gone through the pages of options, you will be at checkout. This is where you will apply your coupons, select the cheapest shipping, and pay tax. If you followed these steps, you should be saving hundreds of dollars for the computing system that exactly meets your needs.

Let’s recap:

1. Dell computers prices are not transparent, always search the internet.
2. Research the right model for YOUR needs. Use a buying guide.
3. Search for a review of the model you selected on a search engine. Use “model name” + “review”
4. Go back to your favorite search engine and enter “dell coupon codes.” Find a good coupon site with current coupons and good instructions.
5. Go to Dell computers, select your model, and DOWNGRADE unnecessary options and add-ons.
6. Apply your coupon at checkout (stack whenever possible)!
7. Use the lowest-priced shipping.

Pat yourself on the back, because you have now saved BIG!

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