Recording Studio: Building a Simple Recording Studio for Beginners

This article contains introductory information on what the basic components of a recording studio are. It outlines the use of the multi-track recorder, the microphone, the studio monitor, the console, and finally the mixing console.

There is a huge selection of gear to want from when wanting to record music. Sound quality is very important when recording music so the recording musician can select the right equipment for getting the best sound. To do so, however, to get the best quality in creating and recording music you need to know a few details regarding various recording gear.
To start, someone who is looking to record music professionally should have some sort of multi-track recorder. You can either have an analog multi-track recorder that takes a tape or a digital multi-track recorder that has a digital tape; digital tapes similar to zip drivers. Nevertheless, the analog tape recorders are usually the cheapest out there as well. The recently popular multi-track recorder is the one that uses a hard drive. This type of multi-tracker recorder is based on a computer hard drive that you can save your music and channel configuration on. Depending on the make of the digital multi-track recorder the size of the hard drive varies and so does the amount of information that you can save on. In addition, some hard drives can also be upgraded to have more memory.

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Before you start recording you need to get the sound to the recorder from the source. A microphone is a basic and most common way to do so. A microphone’s utility depends on a few factors but in general, microphones are categorized based on quality and consistency. Quality of sound is one thing but the second one is consistency which is also important. Consistency has to do with the perception of sound as well as for the eventual usage of the sound. Moving on to other things you will need to record music, is to have a way to listen to what is being recorded in the studio. These types of studio speakers are referred to s studio monitors or reference monitors. These speakers are specially designed for music production and are very accurate. They are made to give out the highly detailed overall sound without focusing on a particular frequency. and a monitor you will also need a mixer. A mixer is an audio device that can either be digital or an actual piece of electronic equipment. What a mixer does are mixed signals. It mixes the audio inputs into viable audible sound wave entities that can be manipulated in a way that can be altered around for the best levels. A mixer works great in bringing all your studio components together and allows the recording professional to control the audio levels as well as connect other instruments and studio components. A mixer supports audio mixing consoles that allow you to alter the tone dynamics of more than one audio signal at the same time. Aside from the above the recording professional will also need a variety of cables, connectors, and other kinds of recording equipment. It is not hard to start your studio. These days it can be achieved very easily and at a low budget.

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