Music Composition: 4 Basic Tricks for Song Composition You Should know as a Beginner

Pay attention to this Basic Tricks for Song Composition And you’ll see your self do more better in the place of your song composition.

In The Place Of Song Compositions when composing a song, you’ve got to observe this tricks well, for a productive composition.

1 The nature of the song

2 the song structure

3 bridges

4 Beat

And many other things which we may be discussing soon


As a musician
When composing a song, you need to understand the nature of the song, the nature of the song in the sense of, what feels do you want your music to portray, we got alot of feelings that reflect nature, so, you’ve got to know even in the first place before composition, infact nature should birth your song, you shouldn’t just birth song out of anything, first ting first, nature should preceed your sound let everything follow! So when talking Basic Tricks For Song Composition , This is a major area you should work on also.

When I say nature, I am talking of expression per say, the way you express the song, the reality that’s a available in that song.

There are some songs that requires





Music Composition: 4 Basic Tricks for Song Composition

You can’t start shouting when the nature of the song needs a very cool and calm voice.
These are the Areas you need to understand

You can try something like this

Vers/ chorus/vers/chorus/bridge/chorus

Just try anything

And and also try to leave a space
For some reasons

There are sometimes you will be ready to write something
But your mind will just go blank ?

No worries ?
When ever this happens try and give yourself some time
Allow the lyrics to come to you

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This area is very important when considering the Basic Tricks For Song Composition
The structure of the song you are singing matters
When am talking about structure I mean something like this

Verse, pre chorus, chorus bridge, instrumental solos and a coda or outro. Challenge yourself to write a song that does more than just toggle back and forth between vers and chorus.

There are some basics things to note, while composing a song: Pls pay attention as we proceed.

This area is very important as a Basic Tricks For Song Composition also

First thing first The Song title

Then the lyrics follow you may only have the chorus that moment
Relax and concentrate

Make sure your lyrics response with the chorus or let me say title


This is also an important area which I already explained
Some people write a song according to the environment they are into

Some write base on life experience

Also base on revelation

There are sometimes you don’t even need to sit down and start writing

The song just come to you
Then that moment you quickly record it because everything may still disappear the same way they came

There’s a song am still unable to do till now
Let me say base on my laziness ??

The song was given to me in the dream
I woke up and forget about the dream
But later in the day when I remember
I could remember was the chorus

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As a musician
You should understand where there’s supposed to be a bridge
Know when there’s a space you need to feel
Know where to create a bridge

One thing about creating a song is that

You already have the vision of how you want the song to look like
All you need is to allow the inspirations to flow
You can drop your questions and as well contribute

And you can let us know where you are having challenges
So that we can sort it out together.Reach out to us via the comment section below!

Written By: Micheal Egbochie

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